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Updating Your Service Panel

The electrical panel is often referred to as the brain of the home’s electrical system because it works to ensure that power is automatically shut off to any interior wires that get overloaded or are in danger of overheating and causing an electrical fire. At Expert Electric, we know that updating your service panel can help ensure that your home’s electrical brain keeps functioning properly.

Knowing when it is Time to Update

Knowing when it is time to upgrade your service panel will help you keep your home safe from electrical fires, while also making sure that your home’s electricity is working as it should. Here are some of the signs that suggest you should update your service panel:

  • Your home relies on fuses and a fuse panel – some fuses can pose a fire hazard; in fact, some insurance companies will not extend home insurance coverage unless you update your service panel.
  • Old or faulty wiring – your house may have old or faulty wiring if the lights dim or flicker, you experience a shock when touching an appliance, you detect a burning smell near electronics or appliances, or if there is any discoloration on your home’s power outlets.
  • A remodelling or substantial home upgrade is on the horizon – in this case, you might need a service panel to supply more than the standard 100 to 150 amps of power to your home, especially if you are thinking about adding a new major appliance into the mix.
  • You use a lot of power strips or extension cords – if you do not have enough outlets in your home to suit your needs, you should upgrade your electrical panel and have more outlets installed at the same time.
  • Your service panel is acting up – you will be able to tell if your service panel is having problems if it is tripping often or making crackling sounds. An out-of-date service panel can also cause your appliances to not run at full power.

Updating your service panel

Upgrading from a Fuse Panel to a Breaker Panel

The team of licenced electricians from Expert Electric can help you switch your home from a fuse panel to a much safer new breaker panel. Over the years, our electricians have changed out many old fuse panels, in order to help prevent any potential electrical fires from occurring. During our service panel upgrade process, our team will file all the appropriate paperwork with the local city department and BC Hydro, and we will ensure that the power is properly disconnected before any work begins. In most cases, we can complete an electrical panel upgrade with minimal disruption to the incoming power.

If you would like to learn more about updating your service panel, or if you are interested in one of our residential or commercial services, please contact the licenced electricians Expert Electric at 604-681-8338.