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Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Bill in the Summer

Summer is just around the corner and the licensed electricians at Expert Electric could not be happier! Expert Electric offers various electrical services for residential homes and commercial buildings. To help residential and commercial customers improve their electrical cost-savings, we have compiled a list of tips for reducing your electricity bill in the summer.

As the weather changes, so does our use of electricity and electrical appliances around the home and office. Many of us rely heavily upon air conditioning, fans and other cooling devices to stay cool during the summer. Although these devices are effective for keeping cool, their costs can add up quickly and result in a big electricity bill. If you are looking to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank, follow these tips for reducing your electricity bill in the summer.

Save on electricity by turning off the lights!

Remembering to turn off the lights is one of the most important factors in reducing your summer electricity bill in the summer. It is best to make use of the natural light throughout the day by opening the blinds and letting natural sunlight into your home or building.

Make use of energy-efficient products

If you are not already using energy efficient light bulbs, now is the time to make the switch. Switching to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can yield big costs savings. These light bulbs are known to last longer and require less energy to use.

Learn how to make your home more energy efficient

Stay cool with indoor fans

In comparison to air conditioning, ceiling fans and box fans are a more cost-effective way to stay cool during the Summer. They help to improve air flow and circulation throughout homes and office buildings.

Automate your thermostat

Do not leave your thermostat running if you are not at home. Your thermostat can be programmed to shut off automatically during times when you are away. Make use of this feature. Your electricity bill and bank account will thank you.

Avoid unnecessary appliances

Spend less time heating up food in the oven and stove and more time cooking on the backyard grill. Ovens and stoves require more electricity and end up adding additional heat to your home.

Spend more time outside

One of the easiest ways to reduce your summer electricity bill is by taking advantage of the sunshine and planning more outdoor activities. Turn off your televisions, stereos and computers and spend time outdoors with friends and family.

For more tips on how to reduce your electricity bill in the summer, please contact the licensed electricians at Expert Electric. We offer various residential and commercial electrical services throughout the Lower Mainland. Call Expert Electric at 604-681-8338 or book an appointment through our website.