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Standby Emergency Generator Installations

As expected this year, the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland’s Winter has lived up to the hype. With arctic outflow warnings and extremely strong winds on the horizon, the likelihood of power outages occurring has increased tenfold. One of the best solutions to the threat of power outages is a standby emergency generator installation. The licensed electricians at Expert Electric have been installing standby emergency generators in residential homes for many years and can help keep your home powered in the occurrence of an unforeseen power outage. To provide you with a better understanding of standby emergency generators, Expert Electric answers some of the most important questions regarding them below:

How does a standby emergency generator work?

A standby emergency generator does not require electricity to power household electrical appliances. Most standby emergency generators run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas which means they are unaffected by power outages. When Expert Electric installs a generator, the first main breaker is connected to the home’s load center while the other is connected to the generator. The generator panel is then connected to circuits for critical electrical loads such as a home’s larger appliances (furnace, refrigerator, lights).

Why do I need to install a standby emergency generator?

A standby emergency generator can keep your home’s most important appliances powered during lengthy power outages. A generator can keep your refrigerator cool, reducing the likelihood of food spoiling and needing to be discarded. A generator can also power your home’s lights and heat source which are critical during the Winter months.

What type of standby emergency generator is right for my home?

Determining the type of standby emergency generator that is right for a home often depends on the size of the home and the amount of appliances that will need to remain powered during an outage. It is best to determine which appliances you absolutely cannot live without during a power outage. Once you have identified these items, the licensed electricians at Expert Electric can help determine which type is best.

What are the benefits of standby emergency generator installation?

The main benefit of a standby emergency generator installation is power. Depending on the length of the occurrence, power outages can be extremely inconvenient, discomforting and costly. A generator allows homeowners to keep all of their main appliances powered and their families safe during an outage.

If you have any questions about standby emergency generator installations, please contact the licensed electricians at Expert Electric today. We offer a large variety of professional electrical services for both residential homes and commercial buildings. It is important to ensure that your home or commercial building is prepared for the extreme weather conditions forecasted for the remainder of Winter. For tips on how to keep your home warm in the Winter and Winter electrical safety, check out our list of past blog articles.