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Power Surge Protection: What to Look For

In our last blog, Power Surge Protection: How it Works, we uncovered what a power surge is, that we should use a surge protector to protect devices from these power surges and how surge protectors work. Now we will take a deeper look at where and how you should be using these surge protectors and how to purchase a quality surge protector.

Where to Use it

With the advancement in technology in recent decades, devices are now made much smaller and more delicate than components in older machines. This makes them even more sensitive to power surges than in later years and can be easily damaged with a sudden increase in voltages being passed through the device. Determining which devices should be connected to a surge protector has a lot to do with the importance of the device and the sensitivity of its components. You wouldn’t bother using a surge protector on all your light bulbs considering they are fairly inexpensive to replace and it will only affect one component whereas, your computer is consumed with numerous different components that are highly sensitive to voltage variation.  Damage to a device like this is highly expensive, and many times the data held on it is irreplaceable. Use your own judgment to determine the importance of your device and whether you believe that it should be protected with a surge protector. We recommend considering all of your high-end electrical devices.

Purchasing Tips

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of a surge protector and because of this, it makes it difficult to ensure that you are purchasing one of quality. We recommend starting your search by comparing prices, as with many other purchases, higher price indicates higher value. Of course, we know that this is not a guarantee and therefore need to be aware of other possible quality determinants. Thanks to Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent, non-profit organization that tests electrical products, including surge protectors, for safety, we can determine recognize quality through certification. Surge protectors with both a UL listing and a transient voltage surge suppressor listing ensures that the device meets industry performance standards and is rated on the basis of the surge protectors capability to protect your devices.

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