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Why Do My Lights Flicker?

We often get asked by a lot of our customers this question: Why do my lights flicker? Here are a couple of questions you want to ask or observe first to get to a possible resolution. When do the lights flicker? Is it when a large appliance is on, such as air conditioning or heat…

When Is It Time To Call A Professional?

Sometimes replacing a light switch or an outlet can be a quick job done in an afternoon. You may think looking up a ‘how to’ video on YouTube is all you need. But remember, electricity is dangerous and if you are not sure about what you are doing, it is better left to a professional….

All About Energy Efficient Lighting

Sometimes it can seem that the light switch is connected to your wallet. But you don’t need to live with the lights out to keep your money to yourself. Here are some tips to help you make your lighting more efficient this year. Adjustable Lighting The most common response to managing usage is to “turn…

How do grounded outlets work?

Surely you have seen electrical outlets your entire life… but do you know how they work? Their purpose is so important, it can actually save your life. If you read our article last week, you will understand how the electricity has already arrived at the outlet. Grounded electrical outlets then take the energy from your…

Christmas Decoration Safety Tips

From the staff and owners of Expert Electric we wish everyone Merry Christmas. We would also like to post a few safety tips for decorations, lights, and trees.

How does my electrical system work?

We use electricity everyday of our lives; powering our televisions, lights, and appliances. While these may seem easy enough to turn on with one click of a button, the steps that go into powering these things can be complex. Here is a look at the systems that go into powering your home. The Home Electrical…

Winter Storm Electrical Safety Tips

Winter is here soon, and when we think of winter we think of snow, ice and strong winds. As we head in to for a cold and snowy season here are some Electrical Safety Tips you might want to read about.

Measuring Your Energy Usage

Many of us can forget about our households energy consumption in the mist of busy daily life.  However, for those who look a bit deeper into specific energy costs, families will be able to determine where their homes’ energy is going and can make adjustments to reduce their energy bills. Energy Consumption According to the…

Expert Electric Safety tips for Halloween

Electric safety tips for you and your family to enjoy Halloween

Why Use Programmable Thermostats?

Happy Halloween to all of our customers! Programmable thermostats have become hugely popular this Fall and Winter and the reason is that they provide some very substantial energy saving benefits, improved comfort, convenience and cost – $$$ effective savings. These thermostats save energy and money on utility bills by allowing residents to set home temperatures…

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