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Lighting & Home Decor

The best lighting jobs are the ones that aren’t noticeable. Have you ever walked into a room and just felt warm, comfortable and at home? It was probably the light placement and selection in the room that gave you that unforgettable feeling. With the right tools and tips in mind, you can also have that within each room of your home.

Motion Sensor Lighting – For your Added Safety and Security

Being a mom I can totally relate to those  early morning or evening practices for swimming, soccer or ice hockey practice. One of the biggest concerns I have is leaving or coming home  in the dark!  I was always worried about my safety and my child’s,  that’s why I would highly recommend motion sensor lights…

Smoke Alarm Safety

Most people are familiar with smoke alarms or detectors as they are requirements in all commercial and residential buildings. But how do they work? And how do you ensure that they are functioning at their top performance? If properly maintained, smoke alarms can and have been proven to save millions of lives in the case of a fire.

Power Surge Protection: What to Look For

In our last blog, Power Surge Protection: How it Works, we uncovered what a power surge is, that we should use a surge protector to protect devices from these power surges and how surge protectors work. Now we will take a deeper look at where and how you should be using these surge protectors and how to purchase a quality surge protector.

Power Surge Protection: How it Works

A power surge is an increase in voltage flowing through your electrical units that rise above the standard voltage levels (120 Volts). These surges can be caused by lightning, high-powered electrical devices (elevators, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc), faulty wiring or even problems with your utility company’s equipment. Inevitably, these are all occurrences that we cannot prevent ourselves, so how can you protect your home and equipment from these damaging power surges?

Electrical Safety for Your Home

We know your family’s safety is important to you, but have you ensured their electrical safety? The amount of electricity running through your home has enough power to cause death if electrocuted. Implementing a few simple tips regarding your cords and plugs, outlets, and circuit breakers could potentially prevent injuries or fires in your home.

Simple Ways to Save on Your Electrical Bill

Many people think that in order to save money on your electrical bill, you must accept some discomforts or inconveniences. But that is not the case! You don’t need to deal with the unbearable heat in the summer instead of turning on your air conditioner. You don’t need to unplug all of your appliances after every use to save a few dollars. We have put together a few key recommendations to get you started on your electrical bill savings without having to give up the comfort and conveniences in your home…

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