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Outdoor Lighting – Safety & Design

Outdoor Electrical LightingWhen your saying goodbye to guests in the evening, you don’t want to send them out in the dark to fumble their way back to their vehicle. Without proper outdoor lighting your front yard can be riddled with hazards at night. Installing outdoor and landscape lighting can add safety in a number of ways as well as add pleasing aesthetics to your home at night.


Outdoor lighting can add functionality in a number of ways – it can illuminate potential tripping hazards, deter criminals, and add a pleasing look to your home at night. The trick is to have the lights positioned correctly to have the desired effects. When placing your outdoor lighting keep these areas in mind:

  • House Address – Keep your address numbers illuminated to help friends and family find your home easily in the evenings.
  • Door Ways – Keep all doorways into the home lit up to prevent burglary and improve visibility to enter and exit your home.
  • Pathways – Any paths leading to the home should visible to prevent tripping hazards and keeping your guests moving in the right direction.
  • Stairs – These are very important to be kept illuminated. If stairs on not properly illuminated, you have a serious tripping hazard.


Installation of outdoor lighting can be different depending on the type of landscape lighting you choose. If you are using solar powered or battery powered you will not require any additional electrical work. If you are looking to install electrical lamps and fixtures on the outside your home or along a pathway it will require the wire to run underground, because of the high voltage, to the home’s electrical system. If you are unsure of how your new outdoor lighting connects to your home, or want to prepare to install new lighting, have an expert electrician do the installation for you.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Three common sources of outdoor lighting are fluorescent lamps, metal halide, and LED lighting. Fluorescent lamps are designed to run efficiently, but can have trouble starting in certain temperatures. Metal halide are highly efficient within a temperature range, but require approximately a minute to warm up – not ideal for motion lights. LED lighting is a popular choice because they are highly efficient, require no warm up time, and the bulb lasts longest, but this all comes at a higher cost.

Outdoor and landscape lighting is very important and something every homeowner should keep in mind. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start and what will work. Contact your local Expert Electric and we can help you to optimize your outdoor lighting and keep you safe. For more information, read more about security and landscape lighting.