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Keeping Children Safe From Electricity

For those of you with little ones running around the house, you know how difficult it can be to try to keep an eye on them at all times. Sometimes they can put themselves in the most peculiar situations that you just can’t control. To keep them safe you need to implement security measures, this is especially true when it comes to electricity. Here are some steps you can take to child proof your home from electrical hazards.

Electrical Outlet Covers

This is one of the number one ways to keep your child safe in the home. Their little fingers can fit just about anywhere and electrical outlets always seem to be the most enticing place to put them! Electrical covers fit over top of the outlet so nothing can be put into them. Place electrical covers around your home in all the electrical outlets that are low to the ground and places where children can reach. There are number of different covers you can put on electrical outlets. Make sure you purchase electrical covers that are tamper-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your child removing the cover.

Keep Electronics Away From the Tub

When giving your child a bath it can definitely get messy. When the splashing starts water begins to fly and if it hits an electronic this can be dangerous. As we know, water and electricity do not go well together. Even appliances and devices that are turned off or unplugged can still cause electrical shocks if water contact is made. When you are about to bathe your child, make sure you clear the bathroom of any electronics that are near by. This goes for the sink to. If you bathe your child in the sink you can sometimes forget about the hairdryer or shaver that was left near by. Make sure you clear the countertop before you start running the water.

Hide The Cords

All our homes are full of electronics which each require their own cord. Especially behind the television and entertainment area there can be many extensions cords and power bars. Make sure that you keep these out of your child’s reach. If they start to pull on the cords and get access to the outlets and cables there are a number of dangers. Put barriers around these areas or tie up the cables out of your child’s reach.

These are just a few ways that you can protect your child from electricity in the home. Spend some time today to review your home and the potential hazards. Electrical hazards can be a hidden danger, if you need help protecting your children, have an expert electrician review your home. We can help to identify dangers and protect against them. Contact your local Expert Electric and we would be happy to help you keep your family safe.