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Entire Home Surge Protection

We talk often about how electricity can be a double-edged sword that can help and but also harm. While making sure your house is wired correctly it is also important that you have put safeguards in place to protect yourself and your valuables from accidents. Surge protectors do just that, and they can be applied to an entire house as well for extra protection. Let’s get into more detail about how surge protection applies to you.

What is surge protection?

A surge happens when there is an excessive flow of electricity through a circuit or electrical connection. Devices will take in electricity they need to function properly, but in certain cases such as electrical storms or problems in your home wiring, too much electricity will be pumped through the electrical system. Much like taking too much water can be harmful to us, the electrical device will “drown” in the excess electricity and become damaged. This is why we use power bars on many of our larger electronics like computers and TV’s.

Protecting Your Home

Surge protectors will help keep your electronics safe as well as yourself. If there is excess electrical flow, the electricity could jump to a nearby person and seriously injure them. Being smart with your protection and guarding your valuables can prevent you from needing to purchase a new TV or computer after a night of lightning. While we do use surge protectors around our home, it is important to have layers of protection. Similar to a car’s metal design and airbag system, there are layers to protect the person or item behind them.

Entire home surge protectors can be applied to the home’s breaker panel to protect specific circuits from surges. For example if you have an entertainment system on one circuit that requires a lot of electricity to run, it would be a good idea to connect a surge protector on this circuit in the breaker panel. This would add a first layer of protection to the electronic devices, and if a surge does trickle through the first line of defense, the power bar surge protector will protect from the second.

While the home electrical system is designed to protect you and your valuables, accidents happen when you least expect it. Protecting yourself against these situations is important. Contact your local Expert Electrician to find out more about how you can protect your family and your belongings with home surge protectors.