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Keeping Your Children Safe From Electrical Hazards

Electrical CordWhen you have a young child running around the house, safety is your number one concern. There are hazards everywhere and electricity is one threat that can go unseen. Electrical shock can cause burns, stop your heartbeat and breathing, as well as cause loss of consciousness. Make your home a safe place for your child with these electrical precautions.

Safety Plugs

Unused electrical outlets are easy access for children trying to stick things into them. If one of those items is made of metal, it can cause serious injury to the child as well as the socket. Use safety plugs to cover up holes and prevent any mishaps.

Bath Tub Safety

As with adults, it’s important that there are no electrical devices around areas with water, like the sink or bathtub. By bumping a radio or phone into a sink or tub that the child is in, it could cause serious shock and injury. Also after bath time, make sure your child is completely dry before letting them loose. If they come into contact with any unsecure electrical cords or devices, the water will create an unpleasant shock.

Turn Off Electronics

Don’t leave disconnected electrical devices, such as a hairdryer or iron, in the on position when they are not being used. If your child has the urge to put the cord in their mouth, there may be a residual electrical charge that could cause injury.

Keep Cords Out Of Reach

When unplugging electronics and appliances, don’t simply pull the plug out and leave it on the ground. Children can play with the cords and the tampering can result in an electric shock. Wrap up your cords when you’re done and place them out of reach for little hands. In addition, secure all cords so they are not loose for a child to trip over or pull at.

Electricity is useful in our everyday lives but can also be very dangerous. To keep your children safe, take the necessary precautions to secure your house from any electrical hazards that they could come in contact with. It is better to be safe then sorry. For help child proofing your home or if you have any more questions about electrical safety, contact your local Expert Electric and we would be happy to help you.