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Christmas Decoration Safety Tips

Merry ChristmasFrom the staff and owners of Expert Electric we wish everyone Merry Christmas. We would also like to post a few safety tips.

1. Safety Test
We all like using lights that we have collected over the years, but along with this also comes a great deal of responsibility. Please check any Christmas lights or decorations, such as wreaths, that light up for before they are used. The plastic or glass that surrounds the light should be intact, and should not contain any cracks or breaks. Please inspect the wires for tears fraying or damage.

2. Displaying Christmas Decoration Lights
If lights are being plugged in outside on the trees, roof top, doors, or driveway make sure you have enough electrical outlets. Do not overload your outlets and use only ground fault outlets as this will help to keep your lights and yourself safe, as they will most likely be exposed to wetness and moisture. Also make sure your extension cords do not become a tripping hazard.

3. Christmas Trees
When choosing a real tree, make sure it’s not too dry and not close to any candles. Christmas lights can be used to decorate real and synthetic Christmas trees. Lights should be in their best condition before being placed on the tree. Turn all Christmas lights and decorations off when you leave the house or go to bed to avoid electrical fire. Don’t use electrically powered ornaments or lights on metal decorative trees or decorations as the sharp edges may cut the cord and cause a shock and fire hazard. Due to heat danger keep your tree 3-4 feet away from fireplaces, electric heaters and floor registers.

4. Keep Young Children Safe
Christmas “bubble” lights were popular in the 1950’s and contain coloured liquid. These should be kept away from children, as the covering of the lights can be broken, and children may attempt to drink the liquid inside. Strings of lights should be kept tucked away or taped to walls so that children cannot easily pull the cords and injure themselves or damage furniture.

5. Use LED Lights
LED’s are much more energy efficient and give off almost no heat. LED lights help protect from overloading outlets they are much safer and you can use more of them with the same available power source so your home will look like a Christmas wonderland!

If you have any concerns or questions about your home’s electrical system this Christmas contact your local Expert Electric.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!