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How to Reset a GFCI Outlet

GFCI outlets are extremely valuable to have installed in areas with a higher risk of shock due to moisture or the kind of devices being plugged in. When a GFCI outlet stops working, it is usually because the circuit has been grounded unintentionally through a conductive source. Although it is usually alright to simply reset…

Power Surge Protection: How it Works

A power surge is an increase in voltage flowing through your electrical units that rise above the standard voltage levels (120 Volts). These surges can be caused by lightning, high-powered electrical devices (elevators, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc), faulty wiring or even problems with your utility company’s equipment. Inevitably, these are all occurrences that we cannot prevent ourselves, so how can you protect your home and equipment from these damaging power surges?

Workshop Electrical Setup

A workshop is a place full of productivity. Filled with tools and devices, this small hub can produce the most amazing and practical creations – but in order to keep it operating, there needs to be a significant amount of electricity. To keep your workshop running smoothly, here are some things to consider when it…