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Expert Electric Blog - Electrical Tips, Page 4

How motion sensing lights work and where to install them

The licensed electricians at Expert Electric receive a lot of questions about how motion sensing lights work and where to install them. Since our team has plenty of experience installing motion sensing lights in residential homes and commercial buildings, we figured it would be beneficial to help answer some of the more popular questions we…

How to keep your home warm in the Winter

Winter is in full swing in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area. Winter in British Columbia usually means a severe drop in temperature, possible snowfall and an unfortunate spike in the electrical bill. We often get asked whether or not it is possible to keep a home warm during the Winter season without breaking…

What is the difference between single-phase and three-phase circuits?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between single-phase and three-phase circuits? If you currently reside in North America then you are likely accustomed to single-phase circuit power throughout your home. Although single-phase circuits are popular among residential homes and smaller commercial business buildings, some businesses may consider switching to three-phase circuits in order to…

Electrical Ballast Replacement

Electrical ballast replacements are a common project in both residential homes and commercial buildings. An electrical ballast is a device used to regulate electrical currents so that they do not reach uncontrollable levels. A common application of electrical ballasts is those found in any type of light structure such as fluorescent or neon lighting systems….