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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, which means that it is time to prepare your home for the inevitable heat wave. At Expert Electric, we understand how important it is that the temperature of your home remains at a comfortable level. That’s why our team of licensed electricians have taken the time to come up with 5 tips for keeping your home cool this summer.

Saving on Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

While having an air conditioner can be a great way to keep your home cool this summer, running your air conditioner all the time can result in a hefty electrical bill. If you are dead set on using your air conditioner this summer, here are some ways that you can cut down on costs:

  • Clean out the filters and check to see that the systems are operating at peak performance.
  • Automate your thermostat so that your air conditioner is programmed to run at certain times during the day.
  • Keep electric devices (lamps, TVs, computers, etc.) away from the thermostat.
  • Try to place air conditioners in the shade, as this can help reduce operating costs by up to 10%.
  • If your air conditioner is not working like it used to, do not be afraid to replace it by contacting a licensed electrician.

Keeping the Hot Air Down

It is always important to remember that heat rises. A great way to lower the temperature in upstairs rooms, especially the attic, is to improve the air circulation in your home with ceiling fans. Setting your fan to turn counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed can create a wind-chill breeze effect that will lower the temperature on the upper floors of your home, as well as create a nice breeze downstairs that will leave you feeling cooler.

Managing the Moisture in Your Home

Sometimes the heat in your home is not the problem, the humidity is. If you find that the humidity levels in your home are too high then you can take these simple steps to help manage the moisture in your home:

  • Move indoor plants outside, as plants produce a lot of airborne moisture.
  • Run bathroom fans for a full 20 minutes after a shower or bath to help dry out the air.
  • Consider investing in a dehumidifier.

Creating Air Circulation in Your Home

Proper air circulation can help make your home feel a lot cooler than it actually is. To create proper airflow, you should consider using portable fans or ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioner. Doing so, can help increase the air circulation in your home without increasing your power consumption. A great way to create a breeze in your home at night is to open opposing windows (when the temperature outside is at least 3 degrees cooler than inside).

Get Rid of Your Home’s Incandescent Lights

Making a simple switch from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent lights can make a big difference in how warm a space feels. Incandescent light bulbs waste almost 90% of their energy in emitted heat. Not only will switching out your light bulbs cool your home but it will also help reduce your electricity bill.

If you would like more information about these 5 tips on how to keep your home cool this summer, please contact the licensed electricians at Expert Electric. We offer a wide range of residential services all across the Lower Mainland. Make an appointment with us today by booking through our website or by giving us a call at 604-681-8338.