Expert Electric Blog - Month: July 2018

Power Surge Protection: How it Works

A power surge is an increase in voltage flowing through your electrical units that rise above the standard voltage levels (120 Volts). These surges can be caused by lightning, high-powered electrical devices (elevators, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc), faulty wiring or even problems with your utility company’s equipment. Inevitably, these are all occurrences that we cannot prevent ourselves, so how can you protect your home and equipment from these damaging power surges?

Ceiling Fan Installation

Wondering how to install a ceiling fan or how to install ceiling fan wiring? At Expert Electric, we know that installing and maintaining a ceiling fan can be fairly simple; however, there are always little tips and tricks that you can use to make the ceiling fan installation process smoother. The licensed electricians at Expert…

Commercial Lighting Design Trends for 2018

Commercial lighting design trends for 2018 continue moving towards improving safety for tenants, aesthetics, and function to ensure overall comfort, while also providing cost savings. At Expert Electric, we understand how important it is for your commercial space to keep up with the latest lighting design trends. That is why we offer a wide range…